The rank monitoring

Follow the positioning of your web site in Google search engine.

Competitors analysis

Positions of your competitors on Google search engine.

A relevant dashboard

Control your result thanks to an effective and relevant dashboard.


As soon as someone includes your keywords on the web, you will be notified.

Google Analytics Sync.

Synchronize with your Google analytics account.


Be notified of your new positions

Multi-user account

Create your own accounts for the access of your customers.

The Google Keyword Rank Checker

Allorank : Guaranteed SEO campaigns fully controlled

Allorank is a monitoring tool positioning which permits you to see the performance of your websites in daily Google SERP. This online tool gives the positions of multiple keywords ,on one or several websites. The Google keyword rank results are updated hourly, daily, weekly,... depending on the frequency you have set.

The smart tool measures the evolution of your websites position on major search engines. These elements combined to a personalized dashboard. Allorank provides comprehensive statistical reports on a unlimited amount of keywords.

Allorank is a free SEO tool accessible directly through your web browser. There is no need to install SEO software.

Why Allorank ?

If you thought that SEO was a job for specialists, try Allorank.

With the emergence of the different means of communication offered by the internet, web marketing requires the implementation of complex actions. It is hard to follow the outcome of those actions manually.

Allorank offers you an ROI monitoring tool for your SEO campaigns.

Besoin d'optimiser votre référencement naturel ?

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